RSKtools is a collection of Matlab m-files designed to access, process, visualize, and export data from RBR loggers.

RSKtools organises logger data in a Matlab structure, referred to as the RSK structure, which contains the logger data and the deployment metadata. The RSK structure supports two data formats: a continuous time series, or a collection of profiles. After loading the data into Matlab, it is easy to plot and process the data using only the default input arguments. All optional input arguments are name-value pair arguments which make the functions customisable and flexible.

Downloads and resources

To download the current stable version of RSKtools, please visit the RBR website. For the development and previous versions, browse the Bitbucket repo.

An example of how to access and visualize RBR logger data can be found in this guide: Getting Started (pdf), and an example of how to use RSKtools to post-process RBR logger data can be found here: Post-processing (pdf)

Software requirements

RSKtools requires MATLAB R2013b or later.

We suggest downloading the TEOS-10 Gibbs-SeaWater Oceanographic Matlab Toolbox and the cmocean Matlab Toolbox to maximize the capabilities of RSKtools.

RSKtools documentation