• RSK 


  • profile : [ ] (all, default)
  • direction : up, down, or both (default is all directions available)
  • isopycnal : number of isopycnals to show on the plot, or a vector containing desired isopycnals. Default is 5.


  • handles

This function plots potential temperature as a function of Practical Salinity using 0 dbar as a reference.  Potential density anomaly contours are drawn automatically.  RSKplotTS requires the TEOS-10 GSW Matlab toolbox.  If the data is stored as a time series, then each point will be coloured according to the time and date it was taken. If the data is organized into profiles, then each is plotted with a different colours.


handles = RSKplotTS(rsk, 'profile', 1:3, 'direction', 'down', 'isopycnal', 10);

The figure above is T-S diagram plotted using RSKplotTS, where each downcast is plotted with a different colour.

RSKplotTS outputs handles to the line objects so that users can customize the curves.

Absolute Salinity is computed internally because it is required for potential temperature and potential density.  Here it is assumed that the Absolute Salinity (SA) anomaly is zero, so that SA = SR (Reference Salinity).  This is probably the best approach in many coastal regions where the Absolute Salinity anomaly is not well known (see