• RSK 


  • profile : [ ] (all, default)
  • direction : up, down, or both (default is all directions available)
  • channel : longName.
  • reference : sea pressure (default), depth or pressure.


  • handles

This function generates a subplot for each channel versus selected reference, using the data elements in the data field. If no channel is specified, it will plot them all as individual subplots.

When direction is set to 'both', downcasts are plotted with solid lines and upcasts are plotted with dashed lines.

The output handles is a vector of chart line objects containing the properties of each subplot.

The code below produced the plot below it:

rsk = RSKopen('sample.rsk');
rsk = RSKreadprofiles(rsk, 'profile', [2:9]);
rsk = RSKderiveseapressure(rsk);
rsk = RSKderivesalinity(rsk);
handles = RSKplotprofiles(rsk, 'channel', {'Conductivity', 'Temperature', 'Salinity'}, 'direction', 'down');

The figure above is the profiles plotted using RSKplotprofiles. Selecting conductivity, temperature and salinity channels facilitates comparison.