• RSK: structure containing the logger time series data read from the RSK file.


  • profileThreshold : 3dbar (default)
  • conductivityThreshold : 0.05 mS/cm (default)


  • RSK: structure containing individual casts as each element in the data field.

RSKtimeseries2profiles transforms a time series of data in the rsk structure into profiles.  It does not use the profile events determined by Ruskin; instead it calls RSKfindprofiles to determine the profile start and end times. 

In contrast, RSKreadprofiles reads data from the RSK file on disk, and organizes the data into profiles using the profile events that were determined by Ruskin or the logger. 

The function is most useful when profiles are not correctly detected by the logger or Ruskin, or when users would like to do some processing on the time series data first before organizing into profiles.


rsk = RSKtimeseries2profiles(rsk,'pressureThreshold',5)