• RSK


  • channel - longname of channel to generate data, default is all channels

  • profile - profile numbers to use, default is all available profiles
  • direction - 'up' for upcast, 'down' for downcast, default is 'down'

  • reference - channel that will be used as y dimension, default is 'Sea Pressure`.


  • RSK

RSKgenerate2D arranges a series of profiles from selected channels into in a 3D matrix.  The matrix has dimensions MxNxP, where M is the number depth or pressure levels, N is the number of profiles, and P is the number of channels.  Arranged in this way, the matrices are useful for analysis and for 2D visualization (RSKimages uses RSKgenerate2D). It may be particularly useful for users wishing to visualize multidimensional data without using RSKimages.  Each profile must be placed on a common reference grid before using RSKgenerate2D (see RSKbinaverage). includes fields as below:

  • - x axis vector
  • - y axis vector
  • - channel index for data that are generated
  • - profile number for data that are generated
  • - direction for data that are generated ('up' or 'down')
  • - data matrix with dimension in x, y and number of channels
  • - reference channel name
  • - reference channel unit


rsk = RSKgenerate2D(rsk,'channel',{'Temperature','Conductivity'},'direction','down')