• RSK
  • alpha - volume-weighted magnitude of the initial fluid thermal anomaly
  • beta - inverse relaxation time of the adjustment


  • gamma : temperature coefficient of conductivity (dC/dT), default is 1
  • profile : [ ] (all profiles default)
  • direction : up, down or both, default is all directions available
  • visualize: show plot with original and processed data on specified profile(s)


  • RSK

RSKcorrectTM applies the algorithm developed by Lueck and Picklo (1990) to minimize the effect of conductivity cell thermal mass on measured conductivity.  Conductivity cells exchange heat with the water as they travel through temperature gradients.  The heat transfer changes the water temperature and hence the measured conductivity.  This effect will impact the derived salinity and density in the form of sharp spikes and even a bias under certain conditions.


RSK = RSKcorrectTM(rsk,'alpha',0.04,'beta',0.1)


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Lueck, R. G. and J. J. Picklo, 1990: Thermal inertia of conductivity cells: Observations with a Sea-Bird cell. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 7, pp. 756 - 768.<0756:TIOCCO>2.0.CO;2