• RSK:Structure containing the logger metadata and data


  • seawaterLibrary: Specify which library to use, should be either 'TEOS-10' or 'seawater', default is TEOS-10


  • RSK: Updated structure containing practical salinity

This function calculates salinity from measurements of conductivity, temperature, and sea pressure, using the TEOS-10 GSW function gsw_SP_from_C.  The result is added to the data field in the RSK structure, and the channel metadata records are updated (shortNames, longNames and units in channels).  It requires an RSK structure that contains conductivity, temperature, and pressure data as well as the TEOS-10 toolbox.

If there is already a salinity channel present, the function replaces the values with a new calculation of salinity.

If sea pressure is not present, this function calculates it with the default atmospheric pressure, usually 10.1325 dbar. We suggest using RSKderiveseapressure before this function for a customizable atmospheric pressure.