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Loggers with bottom pressure recorder (BPR) channels are equipped with a Paroscientific, Inc. pressure transducer. The logger records the temperature and pressure output frequencies from the transducer. RSK files of type 'full' contain only the frequencies, whereas RSK files of type 'EPdesktop' contain the transducer frequencies for pressure and temperature, as well as the derived pressure and temperature.  RSKderiveBPR derives temperature and pressure from the transducer frequency channels for 'full' files.

RSKderiveBPR implements the calibration equations developed by Paroscientific, Inc. to derive pressure and temperature.  The function calls RSKreadcalibrations to retrieve the calibration table if has not been read previously.

When RSK data type is set to 'EPdesktop', Ruskin will import both the original signal and the derived pressure and temperature data.  However, the converted data can not achieve the highest resolution available.  Using the 'full' data type and deriving temperature and pressure with RSKtools will result in data with the full resolution.