• rsksettings - structure that contains specified RSKtools parameters


  • rsksettings - structure that contains current or updated RSKtools parameters

The function is to set up global parameters that could be used by other RSKtools functions. When there is no input argument, It returns current RSKtools parameters. If current parameters are not set yet, the function will call RSKdefaultsettings to set up default global parameters.


rsksettings = RSKsettings;

Default parameters include:

rsksettings.RSKtoolsVersion = '3.4.0';
rsksettings.seawaterLibrary = 'TEOS-10'; 
rsksettings.latitude = 45;
rsksettings.atmosphericPressure = 10.1325;
rsksettings.hydrostaticPressure = 0;
rsksettings.salinity = 35;
rsksettings.temperature = 15;
rsksettings.pressureThreshold = 3;
rsksettings.conductivityThreshold = 0.05;
rsksettings.loopThreshold = 0.25;
rsksettings.soundSpeedAlgorithm = 'UNESCO';

If there is an input, It will reset RSKtools parameters. A recommended workflow is to: 1) get current parameters, 2) revise it and 3) set new parameters, below example shows how to set default seawaterLibrary to `seawater` so that all RSKtools derivation functions (e.g. RSKderivesalinity, RSKderivesigma) will automatically know which library to use.


rsksettings = RSKsettings;
rsksettings.seawaterLibrary = 'seawater'; 
rsksettings = RSKsettings(rsksettings);