mksqlite compilation for macOS

RSKtools relies on mksqlite for SQLite support in MATLAB.


mksqlite ships MEX files for Windows (32- and 64-bit) and Linux (64-bit), but macOS users are left high and dry. To make things more turnkey for users, RSKtools ships with binaries for all three platforms; that means macOS binaries for mksqlite need to be compiled additionally.

  1. Download the newest source release.
    You can get it from the mksqlite SourceForge project page: Click the “Files” tab, then pick the newest file.
  2. Unpack the source release, and apply modifications to the source as necessary. See the section below.
  3. Launch MATLAB.
  4. If mex -setup reports an error, replace the files in /Applications/ with the contents of macOS mexopts.tar.gz
  5. Change the current folder to wherever you unpacked the source release.
  6. Run buildit. It should run successfully and generate mksqlite.mexmaci64 in the current folder.


As macOS isn't terribly well-supported by the mksqlite maintainer, sometimes modifications to the source are necessary before they will work or even compile.


  • buildit.m:131if 0 → if 1