• RSK


  • outputdir : directory for output rsk file, current directory as default
  • suffix : string to append to output rsk file name, default is current time in format of YYYYMMDDTHHMM


  • newfile - file name of output rsk file

RSK2RSK writes a new RSK file containing the data and various metadata from the Matlab rsk structure. It is designed to store post-processed data in a sqlite file that is readable by Ruskin. The new rsk file is in "EPdesktop" format, which is the simplest Ruskin table schema.  RSK2RSK effectively provides a convenient method for Matlab users to easily share post-processed RBR logger data with others without recourse to CSV, MAT, or ODV files. 

The tables created by RSK2RSK include:

  • channels
  • data
  • dbinfo
  • deployments
  • downloads
  • epochs
  • errors
  • events
  • instruments
  • region
  • regionCast
  • regionComment
  • regionGeoData
  • regionProfile
  • schedules

Example using RSK2RSK as below:

rsk = RSKopen('rsk_file.rsk');
rsk = RSKreadprofiles(rsk);
rsk = RSKaddmetadata(rsk,'profile',1:3,'latitude',[45,44,46],'longitude',[-25,-24,-23]);
outputdir = '/Users/Tom/Jerry';
newfile = RSK2RSK(rsk,'outputdir',outputdir,'suffix','processed');