Supported RSK versions

RSK files have different types and versions, either of which may lead to differences in the underlying dataset structure. pyRSKtools currently supports RSKs that are:

  • “full” version from 2.0.0 to 2.18.2

  • “EPdesktop” version from 1.13.4 to 2.18.2


The version of an RSK file can be easily upgraded using RBR’s Ruskin software. Upon installing Ruskin, simply:

  • Open your RSK file with Ruskin.

  • Go to the File info tab, which presents the current version and structure type.

  • Ruskin will detect whether there is a new version of the RSK file format is available. If so, there will be an Update button for you to upgrade your RSK file.

  • After clicking the Update button, a new RSK file of the latest version will be created in your specified directory.

pyRSKtools legacy versions

The legacy versions of pyRSKtools (v0.1.9 and before) are no longer maintained moving forward. But the legacy version (v0.1.9) is available in PyPI. Users with existing codes based on pyRSKtools (v0.1.9) may install the legacy version by specifying the version number:

python -m pip install pyrsktools==0.1.9