Download and install the current stable version of pyRSKtools with pip:

python -m pip install pyrsktools


  • Python 3.8 or later is required.

  • The TEOS-10 GSW toolkit is a dependency installed automatically with pyRSKtools and may require a C compiler on some versions of the Windows and macOS operating systems (depending upon the availability/compatibility of precompiled build distributions provided by GSW). If you run into errors relating to this during installation, please install a compiler for your system before trying again.

    • For Windows, you may get a compiler by downloading Microsoft Build Tools.

    • For macOS, you may get a compiler by downloading Xcode.

After pyRSKtools has been installed, you may refer to the getting started guide or API reference for usage information.

For development and previous versions, browse the Bitbucket repository. For information on how to clone, install, and edit the source code directly, please see the contributors guide.