The RBRcervello is a general purpose data buoy controller design for use in surface expressions of various kinds.  Typically connected to one or more RBR instruments using an inductive modem, it is responsible for archiving logged data locally onto an SD card, as well as optionally uploading that data to the RBR Data Hosting service via Iridium satellite or GSM cellular modems.

The most common implementation is with the WireWalker, a wave-powered wire-guided profiling platform manufactured by DMO.  This platform can host a variety of instruments including the RBRconcerto and RBRmaestro. Longer autonomy deployments can be obtained with the RBRfermata battery canister, which typically extends deployment lifetimes by a factor of twenty.  An inductive modem uses the jacketed steel mooring line of the WireWalker to communicate to the surface.'